Vindouro – Festa Pombalina – Wine Festival

It’s in São João da Pesqueira that, from the 7th to the 9th of Septembre, you will be able to meet “the men of the Quinta” – Miguel and João Monteiro. It’s by the hand of the third and fourth generations that Quinta do Beijo is represented in Vindouro – Festa Pombalina, an amazing Portuguese Wine Festival.

Apart from “our boys”, you will have the opportunity to taste our wines and to get to know the History of our winery a little bit better. Plus, there are a lot of other producers as well. You will get to taste a delicious hint of our magnificent Douro Valley. Yes because, in our region, Nectar and History are all around you.

Wines and tradition will fill the square of Marquês do Pombal.

Come and make a toast with us!
We are eager to get to know you. Just have to show and we will be more than happy to welcome you.
Let’s share the best that we have to offer. In that weekend, the square will belong to us all!

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